Ryan Palmer


I have studied History at the University Of Otago, founded a small Property Investment Company and have spent 18 months on trading floors

About Ryan Palmer

I studied at the University Of Otago, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in History. I have founded and owned a small Property Investment Company, trading as Palmer Developments. This time gave me first hand experience with people looking to trade property as their financial investment portfolio and have witnessed the frustrations and effort required to facilitate trade. Having graduated from University I moved forward from this endeavour and moved to London, working for 18months on the trading floor as a Junior Broker for Direct Market Touch and a Property Consultant for YPC (Your Property Club) in London's financial sector. Now I am based in Tokyo and have decided to pursue my entrepreneurial side and build SoldMe into a thriving enterprise. I am driven, creative and have the will to build SoldMe into a global brand with the following expertise. Business Development. I have a focus on business development, creating strategies at the customers level to develop an offering they actually need. The return-on-investment exhibited from these strategies is high, achieving the greatest possible market penetration. Innovation. I remain close to the industry sector, its trends, its technologies and its ever-changing customer requirements. Innovation is central to a successful business model and the calling card of a professional entrepreneur. Leadership. I understand that superior outcomes are a direct result of a smoothly operated team, internally and externally. I manage the business, with a focus on 'best practice' operational efficiency. In particular maximising turnover while minimising operational costs through: - Targeted focus on marketing and promotions. - Market positioning strategies to ensure acceptance of services. - Customer relationship management - Cost management analysis.