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Innogest SGR S.p.A. was set up in January 2005 as a General Partnership under the laws of Italy (legislative decree of February 28th 1998 and subsequent amendments), specialized in the promotion and management of funds characterized by innovation. In July 2005 Innogest SGR obtained authorization from the Bank of Italy to provide asset management services and was registered under no.199 of the official Bank of Italy SGR register. Innogest SGR funds are focused on highly innovative companies. With more than € 160 million of capital under management, Innogest SGR is currently the largest VC firm focused on Italian seed and early stage ventures. Innogest SGR’s mission is to generate high-level returns for its investors by turning Italian entrepreneurship and technology into fast-growing and successful companies. Innogest SGR has offices in Turin and Milan (Italy).

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