We are an early stage founders’ fund investing in marketplaces and digital brands across Europe.


About Samaipata

Samaipata Ventures is a European venture capital fund exclusively specialized in Marketplace and E-Commerce business models, mostly oriented to Late Seed and Series A financing rounds. The VC's founding partner is José del Barrio, founder and former CEO of La Nevera Roja, the leading Spanish food delivery marketplace, until its sale to Rocket Internet in 2015. Samaipata Ventures aspires to reimagine the venture capital industry in its geography of operations, through a very specialized methodology, a pure hands-on approach with entrepreneurs and a talented and prestigious management team and advisory board.

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Created Spain, May/2015

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Additional information:
  • Samaipata Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in early stage marketplaces & disruptive e-commerce businesses across Europe. The firm was founded by Jose del Barrio, a Spanish entrepreneur who, along with a team of top professionals, pioneered food delivery services in Spain with La Nevera Roja. We aim to invest in industries we understand and in companies where we can make an impact. We have a pan-European outlook, with a slight focus on Southern Europe and a goal of developing the growing tech ecosystem in Spain and neighbouring countries. Above all, we try to go the extra mile for our entrepreneurs — portfolio company or not — and deliver value where it isn’t expected.