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Online platform that allows SMEs & self-employed people to make and receive payments, saving up to 90% on hidden bank fees.


Sobre The PayPro

We have created a platform that automatically exchanges the need of a currency among our clients at the mid-market price. When we can not cover the full amount of an operation we go to the wholesale market where we can guarantee that no spread are used. Through his user account, the client will be able to send and receive payments in all EEA- currencies, hold the price of a currency up to 12 months, make express payments or request tailored solutions, all of that 24/7. Same as the Internet has revolutionized other industries now is the turn of the Financial Industry. At The PayPro we want to lead the change of the banking industry by proving with more transparency to the market. Our goal is a market where the control of banks is transferred to the clients.

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