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“MASventures” is the initiative launched by the MASMOVIL Group to support and finance startups. It is a 4-month Acceleration Program that aims to: - Attract talent, innovation and generate business - Obtain a ROI of the investment in startups - Support our Corporate Social Responsibility MASventures will focus on the following categories: - Customer Experience - Disruptive Technologies - New opportunities Benefits for Startups: Commercial pilots: + Validation of products/services + More than 8 million customers and 15.2 million connected homes + Highest telecommunications technology + Real environments Investment: + Professional investment with Inveready + Average investment tickets of 200k per startup + Support to search for more investment Mentoring: + Tailor-made mentoring with directors of the MASMOVIL Group + Dedication of specific teams in the launch of pilots For more information, visit www.masventures.com

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Created January/2019

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