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mVentures Barcelona has selected NUMA to create in Barcelona Europe’s first Growth acceleration program, attracting each year 10 ambitious and talented start-ups to the city. Helping start-ups grow their operations and reach KPIs eligible to an institutional round will be at the core of the 4-month program. Entrepreneurs will be able to leverage the experiences of tier-one European mentors traveling to Barcelona to meet them and the knowledge of a dedicated team of experts in residence working with them on subjects ranging from strategy, roadmap phasing, distribution to operations’ design. The program’s content will largely center around growth and scaling of business functions, including workshops on growth marketing, sales methodology, recruitment and funding. What does "being accelerated" mean? IT BASICALLY MEANS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO WORK HARD. An acceleration program consists in creating the rhythm that compel your start-up to grow fast and to reach a momentum that can attract investor's interest. It could potentially mean to have your product launched publicly, to get your users' database growing exponentially or to achieve a turnover that could sustain a larger team. HOW DO WE DO THIS ? We work with you on a weekly basis to see concrete progress in your start-up. We introduce you to people who can either efficiently guide you to find the best way to achieve your goals or simply to help you choose your priorities. We put deadlines in order to achieve your most important KPIs. It is a highly productive period of your start-up's life, that builds the foundations of your company. YOU'RE ACCELERATED FOR LIFE. The end of the 4-months program doesn't mean you are left alone in the wild. Once you've been accelerated, you are part of the "brotherhood"- the alumni network. So you keep access to the various NUMA's international offices, to any founders that went through NUMA, and to our trustful experts network, that you can contact at any time. Who are you going to meet ? SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS We believe they are the best persons to help you build your company. Thanks to our network and to our alumni, we gather great International entrepreneurs to give you insights about their company, their mistakes and to guide you through your entrepreneur's life and your company's strategy. STRONG & RESULTS-ORIENTED EXPERTS Mentors are important, but doers are the one you want to be close to when you are starting your business. We work with committed experts in various fields (growth hacking, design, sales, customer care etc.) and sectors (AR/VR, Gaming, Ecommerce, Fintech, Mobile, etc.) who are able to show you tricks you never knew about, but overall to spend one-to-one time with you working on your specific problematics and help you resolving them. OTHER ENTREPRENEURS..LIKE YOU Usually underestimated, this part of the program is essential. Your fellow companions in the batch are going through the same journey as you are. So, when you need to choose your next CRM, to test your product, to learn about hackers tricks or just to gabble about your last deal or failure around a beer, they are here. INVESTORS AND POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS NUMA have an international network and is well connected in Europe. You will have the opportunity to be in touch with business angels, VCs, and also public and private organisations that can be your customers.

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