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Rainmaking is a ”company factory” – we launch start ups, build them into solid businesses, and eventually exit them. We started out in 2006, and have so far launched 18 start ups. 3 of them have been exited to industry leaders and a large capital fund, providing us with a foundation to invest in more ideas and projects. Today we run a portfolio of 15 companies with a total of 250 team members in our offices in Copenhagen, London and Berlin. Since 2010, we have invested in another +160 start-ups through Startupbootcamp. Rainmaking is fully owned by 7 experienced entrepreneurs. 3 of us live in Copenhagen, 3 in London and one in Berlin. We are an extremely value driven company, our culture is what makes us unique. Our partnership is Warm Hearted, we are all friends – literally. We are World Focused, we want to be part of the solution in this world, not part of the problem – seriously. We want to be Whole Persons, thus keeping our schedules clean enough to allow room for family, friends, sports, travel, reading etc. – honestly.

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