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We act as financing investors, acting in a similar capacity to a bank to whom you might apply for a loan or credit. But we are an investment fund, and not a bank. In general, each investment fund fixes its own conditions and terms of financing, allowing it to choose whether to accept or refuse each client with funds borrowed on public or stock markets and resell these funds as credit, with interest rates that are usually slightly lower than those charged by banks. You can visit our financing section to find out more about this process, and the conditions involved

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Additional information:
  • Our financing solutions are methodical, and are applicable to any type of bearer instrument, with the following principles and advantages :
  • Deferred repayments
  • Possible loan of up to 100% of the project value
  • Implementation of a guarantee of capital payment in the event of the borrower's death
  • Monitoring of the borrower's fiscal interests in collaboration with an auditor
  • Monitoring of project progression by registered professionals in the relevant domains
  • Reimbursement structure extending from 3 years to 30 years for real estate projects
  • Reimbursement structure extending from 5 years to 15 years for independent professionals
  • Minimum loan of 750,000 Euros.
  • Response usually given within 6 days of receipt of a complete set of project documents
  • We ask for the following basic conditions to be met in order to obtain financing :
  • Fully prepared draft of the project with all relevant permits already obtained
  • The borrower must have a minimum financial contribution of 10% available in a bank account
  • The borrower may not have a prior history of any significant banking incident
  • The borrower must agree to open a new account with a bank with whom we are in partnership
  • The borrower must agree to open a life insurance policy
  • The borrower must agree to carry out any medical tests necessary for the insurance process
  • The borrower must agree to monitoring by an auditor to ensure the project runs smoothly
  • Methodology and implementation of our financing solution :
  • Receipt of project documentation
  • Analysis of project documentation, lasting 48 hours on average
  • If there is positive interest in the project, an appointment with the persons responsible for the project will be rapidly scheduled
  • Preparation of a project loan contract reflecting the agreements made between the parties
  • for more information you can join me on my personal email at
  • gamal.hammad2000@gmail.com

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