Ari Korhonen

Business Angel

Ari is an angel investor and venture capitalist.



About Ari Korhonen

He is the the founder of Lagoon Capital investment company. Ari has been a successful technology entrepreneur 20 years and a business angel for 10 years. He developed his company Komartek into an international success story. Komartek was bought in 2004 by WM-data (presently CGI). His position in WM-data was Vice President. Within the last 10 years, Ari has made angel investments in 22 companies in which all investment rounds total up to 77. These include SkySQL, DealDash, Paytrail, Web of Trust (WOT), SafelyLocked, In4mo, 360Cities and Citysocializer. From the above mentioned investments, he has had two successful exits from Severa and The Switch. Ari is also an investor in venture capital funds which include Seedcamp, 500 Startups and Spintop Ventures. In Spintop Ventures fund II he is also Senior Advisor and Investment Committee member. He is also a member of Seedcamp fund II investment commitee. Ari is an Investment Council member in Finnish Industry Investments.

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