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We are creating attractive opportunities for companies and investors, in a dynamic and transparent environment.


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The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is building competitive capital markets in the Central-Eastern Europe. We are providing financing opportunities for companies looking to raise funds on the Romanian capital market. BVB has witnessed an increasing flow of capital in the recent past, coming from retail and institutional investors, both national and international. The Romanian capital market has embarked on an ambitious development journey and the future growth perspectives are optimistic. Mission Bucharest Stock Exchange’s mission is to transform the capital market in an active financing tool of the Romanian economy. Vision BVB is aiming to shape one of the most comprehensive markets in Central-Eastern Europe by creating attractive opportunities both for companies and investors in a dynamic and transparent environment. Strategy BVB will continue to offer its support to the successful closing of privatization process of the state owned companies, list new private companies and increase number of active investors. Key objectives are to transpose international best practices into the local market and to upgrade to the Emerging markets status.

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