Jose Luis Vallejo Pizarro

Business Angel

CEO at Singular People / MediaNet Software

About Jose Luis Vallejo Pizarro

I am the Executive President of MediaNet Software (www.medianetsoftware.com), an IT consultancy firm specialized in custom software development for big companies. With nearly 200 people, MediaNet has presence in Spain, Mexico and USA. I'm Board Member and/or early-stage-Investor at several Internet StartUps. I co-founded and developed buyvip.com that was sold to the world leader in ecommerce, Amazon. I got recently a Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering in the same University where I studied, 25 years before, my M.Eng in Tele-comunication (Electronics, Computer and Communication Engineering). Some of my investments, through my specialized investment company HealthyTech, are in projects about biomedical, bioTIC, genetic and bioinformatics technologies.

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