Rafal Han

Business Angel

CEO and Co-Founder at Seed, Inc. Partner at Chance, Co-Founder at Estimote, Inc.


About Rafal Han

Advisor and investor who invests in innovative projects and extraordinary teams like Estimote, DuckieDeck, Vocabla, Startup Compass, iTraff Technology, Futbolowo and others. For the last few years fully committed to help talented entrepreneurs from Europe build great companies. Rafal is also a huge startup community supporter. He is a co-founder at Colab - community of Internet startups and entrepreneurs that runs the biggest co-working space in Krakow, Poland. As a mentor and juror he took part in lots of IT events and initiatives such as Startup Weekends, Startup Fest, BitSpiration, Internet Beta, Startup Sito, HubRaum and others. He has really strong entrepreneurial background. He is a founder and former CEO at HanGalee - full service advertising agency, founder and former CEO at HanBright SA - kids edutainment projects such as ciufcia.pl - which became the largest polish website with edutainment games for preschoolers. Right now he is focused on Chance - Startup Academy based on unique formula, great energy and amazing people involved from Poland and US. Chance helps the best talents from Central and Eastern Europe create the best products and global businesses.

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