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RSG Capital is a venture-capital management company. Its mission is to fill the equity gap or the lack of financial resources faced by companies in the early stages of their development. RSG Capital's team is highly experienced and possesses broad complementary knowledge, which has enabled the company to establish itself as a competent and reliable partner to start-up companies, and as an important factor in stimulating business and the development of venture capital markets in the region. Adding Value By investing in promising early-stage enterprises, RSG Capital provides incentives for business initiatives, thereby making the business environment more dynamic and improving economic growth. However, RSG Capital offers considerably more than financial assistance to the companies it invests in: it uses its experience in company management and its network of partners in Slovenia and abroad to enable the entrepreneur to conduct business efficiently, it assists with optimizing business models and financial structuring, helps to improve marketing routes, and it offers access to research institutions. Success Driven RSG Capital is actively involved in creating a dynamic and stimulating business environment, and utilizes a wide network of partner institutions to facilitate cooperation between interested parties, thereby improving the chances for success of an individual project or company. Through an efficient decision-making process and highly professional relationships with all partners, we endeavor to co-create successful entrepreneurial stories, and our added value lies in us constantly improving our knowledge and adding to the expertise of our team. We do not merely offer advice and help you achieve your goals, we help you surpass them!

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