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About SeedRocket 4Founders Capital SCR-Pyme

SeedRocket 4Founders Capital teams with driven entrepreneurs in Europe to build high impact global technology companies. Our Team's International DNA and extensive experience as Founders and CEOs of successful Technology Companies, together with the collective know-how of our co-investment partners allows us to assist entrepreneurs and maximize their chances of success. SeedRocket 4Founders is about empowering ambitious and talented entrepreneurs and their teams. It is not about controlling them. We only take minority investments, and we typically co-invest with Business Angels or other VC funds with solid experience managing successful companies in the same or related industries. We are interested in projects with solid teams, which aim to create large international companies, with a market-tested superior product or service, and a clear revenue and profit generation model. Companies are not required to be in break-even. We invest anywhere from €30K to €50K in early stage investments, and typically bring co-investors with us to increase that amount. We do follow-ons for up to €700K per Company over the lifetime of our investment.

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Created Spain, September/2017

Estrategia inversión SeedRocket 4Founders Capital SCR-Pyme

  • Minimum amount per project (millions):
    • 50.000,00 M€
  • Maximum amount per project (millions):
    • 1.000.000,00 M€
Estretegía de inversión no pública.

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