Chris Bouwer

Chris Bouwer

International investor

Adictik is a startup with great potential, with a class A team and that targets a huge sector that is growing, such as advertising, and that is facing a turning point.



Adictik is the democratization of advertising.

A totally disruptive startup that allows, through its app, consumers to be the stars of the advertisements they create for their favorite brands.



204,500 €
180,000 €
98.06% completed
Committed Goal
hours left
  • More than 70.000 downloads
  • Revenue model validated with customers
  • Average time spent in app higher than 7:30 min
About the startup
About the startup


Adictik democratiza la publicidad. Es una nueva manera de comunicación entre los usuarios y las marcas a través de la cual los usuarios son protagonistas de sus marcas favoritas creando sus propios anuncios. 
Adictik democratizes advertising. It is a new way of communication between users and brands in which users become the protagonists of their favorite brands by creating their own ads.

El problema que Adictik resuelve es una de las necesidades básicas de la pirámide de Maslow, que es el sentido de pertenencia, además del reconocimiento y el ego que está absolutamente en auge en las redes sociales. Adictik va un paso más allá y posibilita que cualquier persona en el mundo pueda ser la protagonista de sus marcas favoritas.  
The problem that Adictik solves is one of the basic necessities of the Maslow Pyramid, which is the sense of belonging, in addition to the recognition and ego that it's booming in social networks to go one step further and make any person of the world can become the protagonist of their favorite brands.

Las marcas necesitan cada vez más contenido y la relación con los usuarios está en un proceso de transformación. Por eso, Adictik ofrece la solución ideal para las marcas, un SaaS a través del cual pueden gestionar su imagen corporativa, crear campañas de pago o a cambio de product. Una plataforma self-service y bajo demanda gracias a la cual elegir a los usuarios y prescriptores que mejor funcionen para cada marca y alentar la creación de contenido. 
Brands increasingly need more content and change the relationship they have with their consumers. That is why Adictik offers the ideal solution for brands, a SaaS in which they will be able to manage their corporate image, create paid campaigns or in exchange for product. A "self service" and on-demand platform choosing the users / prescribers that work best for them and encourage the creation of content.

Nuestros clientes son las marcas. Actualmente tenemos como clientes recurrentes al grupo ISDIN, The Water Company, Dietox y PIMKIE, y estamos en negociaciones con oras marcas internacionales para el inicio de 2017.
Our customers are the brands. Currently we have as recurrent customers the ISDIN group, The Water Company group and PIMKIE, although we are already talking about international brands for this beginning of 2017.


About the investor

Why do I invest in Adictik?

Chris Bouwer | Notable investor

I decided to invest in Adictik in the first place for the team, since the two entrepreneurs are people very committed to the work and know very well the social media sector. One of the founders is a successful blogger and instagrammer who already has over 100k followers on Instagram and works for international brands. That helps Adictik very much to establish very good relations with the first brands that bet on Adictik.

I liked the sector, I think advertising is about to "uberize" and Adictik can be a very good way to do it . I also noticed that companies like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are betting on the content generated by the user and Adictik goes a step further offering the brand that content generated by the user, but also making it an advertisement for the brand.

As a leading investor in the previous round, I invest again in this new round because Adictik has fulfilled all the goals proposed in the previous round and has been able to re-tailor the strategy to start being attractive to brands and start monetizing by the end of this past year 2016.

  • Committed team with deep knowledge of the sector
  • Advertising market is huge and growing
  • Advertising model facing a turning point and possible disruptions
  • Strategy execution and milestones achieved as planned

I have seen great potential in Adictik and I truly believe that it can be a turning point in how brands and consumers relate to each other by assuming an absolute change of the model in the advertising sector. From the beginning I've been excited about the idea that people can create their own advertising and end up working for the brands that sponsor them.

Chris Bouwer
Sobre el inversor

Chris Bouwer

Invest 30.000€

Chris Bouwer is a seed investor with a proven track record on startups, and a founding team member of Adyen. He has invested on the seed stage in companies like Delivery Hero, Fanly, Airhelp, In Spain he has invested in Subasta de Ocio (seed) and Percentil (seed through Kirondo).

¿Who is Chris Bouwer and why is he a reference investor?

Chris Bouwer is an international investor with a great track record, and has invested and acted as a founding member of Adyen.

In addition, in his work as an investor in startups he has participated in some operations of first level like Delivery Hero, Fanly, Airhelp or among others.

In Spain he has invested in Subasta de ocio (seed) and Percentil (through Kirondo).

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  • Years investing: 18
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You will access all the information and invest in this opportunity after registration and accrediting your investor condition.

If you want to invest but you are not accredited investor do not hesitate to contact us at


You will access all the information and invest in this opportunity after registration and accrediting your investor condition.

If you want to invest but you are not accredited investor do not hesitate to contact us at

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