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Understanding the investment opportunity

FuelYourBrands is a Spanish startup that connects brands with microinfluencers, automating the entire campaign management process from start to finish. Thanks to this automation, they have managed to lower market prices by 90%, making the service scalable and accessible to any company regardless of its size. 

In such a competitive market, brands have started to look further afield to position their products. Microinfluencers are people from 3,000 to 80,000 followers, with a very loyal audience and thanks to their close relationship with it, they are perceived as friends, so they have a great ability to impact the purchasing behaviour of their followers/fans over macroinfluencers or celebrities. They also have greater engagement so their results are much better, reaching a larger number of people and allowing for greater segmentation.




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Fiscal benefits

Investing in FuelYourBrands offers you fiscal benefits

FuelYourBrands Team

Jesica Alcalde CEO
Jesica Alcalde

CEO & Founder of FuelYourBrands. My main professional passion is to transform technology into something that will make people’s life easier.

Sandra Mora Especialista en Growth
Sandra Mora
Especialista en Growth

Co-Founder & Influencers Campaign Manager of FuelYourBrands. Growth Hacking Specialist.

Reasons to invest View more data

    • FuelYourBrands is a platform specialized in microinfluencer marketing that with only 10 months of life, has already billed more than €100,000, with zero investment in advertising and 100% organic. They have more than 4,000 influencers on their platform and large clients such as Carrefour Spain, Acciona Motosharing or the CBRE group among others. It is already active in Mexico and Spain.
    • Highly qualified and specialized team in the sector. Its two founders are specialized in marketing and growth hacking. Jesica Alcalde, CEO & Founder, worked as International Marketing Director in Grupo Restalia for 11 countries, she also has experience in successful startups such as Cabify where she was Marketing Manager, customer experience consulting, teaching at ESIC and multinationals such as Carrefour Spain. And on the other hand, Sandra Mora, Co-Founder and has worked in companies such as Marketing Directo.
    • Market in full growth process. It is expected to grow by 30% annually to reach a turnover of 84B€ in the next 7 years. Source: Grand View Research
    • FuelYourBrands has managed to automate 100% of the process, something unique in the sector. The search and analysis of the profiles, the management of the profiles, the execution of the campaigns and the results reports in real time are all automated, providing the project with total scalability.
    • They only allow access to their platform to quality profiles (ER higher than 4%), which ensures brands the success of their campaigns, which is a differential point compared to their competitors. Their prices are much more competitive than those of the sector, giving access to their service to both large brands and SMEs.
    • Its internationalization is very easy, thanks to the automation of the platform: launching new countries is very scalable.
    • Being a transversal solution, its market share is huge, covering almost 80% of business verticals such as: Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Leisure, Beauty & Jewelry, Electronics, Retail & FMCG. 


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