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Understanding the investment opportunity

Motmo is a platform where original artists teach how to play their best songs (original musician is the member of a band and professional musician is the one who plays in a band but is not a member of it, for example the musicians who accompany Alejandro Sanz on his tours). 

We generate videos with the artists playing their songs and accompanied by a tablature in digital format that scrolls while the musician plays so you can follow him while you play. 

Musicians and amateurs all over the world face a common problem: LEARNING HOW TO PLAY AN EXISTING SONG CORRECTLY.

Official sheet music and tablature have not been published for years. That's why we all end up with incorrect versions we find on the internet or trying to decipher what and how bands play in their live videos.

The artists support the project, they know how complicated it is nowadays to acquire this kind of knowledge and they love the fact of being able to share their creations with the public.

How do we do it?

  • Attractive videos where learning is easy.
  • Every week we publish new groups and their songs.
  • We record exclusive interviews with the artists in which they tell us curiosities, anecdotes and many things related to their music and experiences.
  • With the users we create a community where they can talk and get to know each other.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to send us their own versions that we share with the artists, platform and in our social networks.

What could be better than learning to play one of your favorite songs this way?

We have recently been ranked by Referente in the "Top 15 Spanish startups focused on music".

This project comes from the passion for music, because we are sure that the opportunity to create an exclusively musical learning and entertainment platform is what the sector requires today.




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Fiscal benefits

Investing in Motmo offers you fiscal benefits

Motmo Team

Bruno de Zabala Cano

Bruno de Zabala Cano


Janire Vazquez Verdejo

Janire Vazquez Verdejo


Vicente Mozo

Vicente Mozo

Business Development




Reasons to invest View more data

  • We are the only platform where the original artists appear teaching how to play their songs first hand and not teachers.

  • We solve a worldwide problem, so the next step is to become a reference in the international music industry.

  • We are the only ones to include a marketplace for tablature and official sheet music.

  • Emerging artists have in MOTMO a tool to make themselves known and the possibility for their content to go viral, opening doors for them in the industry; that's why the participation of artists is overwhelming. It's a great way to showcase their knowledge and expertise.

  • With the model we have designed, we can add new tools without increasing development costs, which makes it easier for us to scale the project.

  • Awards and recognition:

    • We have been mentioned as one of the 15 most promising start-ups at state level by Referente.

    • Selected in B-VENTURE 2021 to present our project to investors.

    • Winners of the contest - StartUpYourFuture - organized by BiWorking

  • We have already signed with nationally renowned artists such as Hamlet, Mägo de Oz, Shinova and Riot Propaganda. We have scheduled recordings with many more and closed deals with nationally important record labels such as OSO POLITA, BAGA-BIGA or MAUKA.

  • The music industry market is experiencing a year-on-year growth of approximately 17% thanks to digital content and streaming.

  • Our subscriber base is continuously growing, thanks to the Freemium system and e-mail marketing they know that sooner or later most of their favorite artists will be present and will become paying users. 


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