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Understanding the investment opportunity

Mumbler is the nocode tool that allows you to sell your content and grow your audience.

Mumbler is a SaaS for content creators that has the vision to help transform them into content entrepreneurs who can make a living from their creations, just like any professional in other areas.

Mumbler was founded by two podcasters, marketers and entrepreneurs. Pol Rodriguez and Corti (José C. Cortizo) met in 2018 and started interviewing podcasters and other content creators in a podcast called Tribucasters. Thanks to those interviews, they found that the big challenge for content creators was to directly monetise their creations and move from creating content as a hobby to turning that activity into a business.

In 2021, they launched the first version of Mumbler, which focused on facilitating the sale of premium podcasts. This allowed them to validate the market and find other areas where they could help content creators, allowing the product to evolve into what it is today.

Today, Mumbler enables creators to:

  • Sell premium podcasts to their audience, under a monthly subscription model.
  • Sell audios or sets of audios on a one-off basis for a one-off payment.
  • Collect emails and information from users who purchase their content.
  • Generate marketing strategies and promotions to promote your sales: launch campaigns, discount coupons, annual payment plans for podcasts...

We currently have +45 content creators generating income thanks to Mumbler who have earned a total of +10,000€ during 2022. Other relevant Mumbler numbers:

  • +2,200 collections made.
  • +1,800 audios uploaded to the platform.
  • +300 users have paid for an audio.




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Fiscal benefits

Investing in Mumbler offers you fiscal benefits

Mumbler Team

Pol Rodríguez Rius CEO
Pol Rodríguez Rius

CEO y cofundador de Mumbler.io. Creador de contenidos, divulgador y emprendedor en serie.

José Carlos Cortizo Pérez CTO
José Carlos Cortizo Pérez

Socio y CMO de Product Hackers. Cofundador de Mumbler. Creador de contenido y divulgador. 3xExits. Emprendedor en serie y Business Angel.

Reasons to invest View more data

  • Proven model, successful product market fit: In the short time it has been on the market, the creators who sell on Mumbler are already monetising their creations (+11,000€), some of them with very interesting recurring sales (5 creators generating +300€/month with their podcast and 1 creator generating +500€/month).

  • Booming market: 30% of 18-24 year olds and 40% of 25-34 year olds consider themselves creators. Some studies suggest that the maker economy will exceed $100B (https://about.fb.com/news/2022/11/exploring-the-potential-of-the-creator-economy).

  • Growing interest of international funds in investing in companies such as Mumbler.

  • The product is designed by and for creators. In less than 1 minute a creator can be selling their products on Mumbler. We know first-hand the problems faced by content creators, which is why we have created a product adapted to the reality we live in.

  • The only tool on the market focused on helping creators grow their audience and monetise it in a comprehensive and easy way.
  • Mumbler is easily scalable and internationalisable. Without any effort we already have creators from the United States selling content in English and creators from 7 Spanish-speaking countries: Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile...


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