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Understanding the investment opportunity

Ossby is a Spanish brand that has been in the market since 2012 and has grown year by year by being self-financed. Currently there are more than 1,600 Ossby bicycles circulating in Spain and other countries (Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Mexico, USA). Its distribution network has been based on independent points of sale and large chains such as Decathlon and El Corte Inglés, or large distribution players such as Amazon.

The brand has its facilities in Arganda del Rey, Madrid (a 300 m2 warehouse for rent), where it assembles each bicycle and carries out quality control to guarantee consumer satisfaction.

Thanks to the experience they have gained since 2011 and the fact that the company has managed to stabilize financially and begin to make a profit, in 2018 they set themselves a new challenge: they began designing a new model of bicycle that would offer the advantages of scooters and electric bikes so that it could be easily moved around the city.

Weighing only 12 kilos, the new model features all-in-one electric technology and a more advanced folding system. It is perfect for combining with other means of transport and for easy storage at home, in the office or in any small space.

They already have the first operational prototype, the design patent of the frame, the folding and handlebar system and the necessary agreements with the manufacturers for its production. Everything is ready to start manufacturing and marketing.

The brand seeks to continue its commercial development in Spain, where sales of electric bicycles, according to the Association of Spanish Bicycle Brands, are increasing by 53% a year. In addition to expanding to other European countries such as Germany where more than 1,000,000 Ebikes (electric bicycles) are sold annually. The 10-year projections for the bicycle sector in Europe speak of continued growth.




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Ossby Team


Licenciada en Publicidad y RRPP con amplia experiencia en Marketing y una clara vocación emprendedora.

Chad Singer CFO
Chad Singer

Ingeniero Informático con gran experiencia en gestión, logística y sistemas.

Claire Le Fichoux

Claire Le Fichoux

Sales Director

Reasons to invest View more data

  • Ossby is a company specialized in electric bicycles that has managed to sell more than 1,600 units with a 117% annual growth in sales, achieving a presence in 8 countries. It is currently in positive EBITDA and with a reasonable valuation for this capital increase. 

  • Ossby's team has the necessary experience and training to be able to face this new stage with guarantees. Caricia Mondragón is the CEO, with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and broad training in Marketing, has led the project from the beginning. Another key figure is Chad Singer, CFO, who is a computer engineer and whose work is vital at the financial, logistical and systems level. Finally, Clare Le Fichoux, a French national, brings a wealth of international business experience and a good command of languages.

  • After developing several previous models they have the feedback of users, distributors and retailers. This information has been a key factor in the development of the new model in which three European design patents are concentrated, providing enormous added value to the product.

  • The turnover of the world electric bicycle market in 2019 was 21.1 billion dollars and 10-year projections estimate a figure of 38.6 in 2025.

  • It has an extensive national distribution network of more than 60 independent points of sale and agreements with large chains such as the Corte Inglés that wants to continue to trust the brand with its new model. It is also a supplier to Amazon through its vendor account with which it can distribute its product directly through Amazon in any country where the American company is present.

  • The company is financially stable since 2017 giving annual benefits and with an average turnover of over 200,000€.

  • They have already carried out international tests in countries such as Portugal, France, Ireland, Mexico, Germany and Italy. Always on a small scale due to their limited production. In some of these countries, there are distributors interested in being able to count on the brand when the maraca can increase the production and guarantee the arrival of enough stock.

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