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Zoticon has invested over $100 million to date in promising phase III therapeutics


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The Zoticon Advantage FOCUS Your product can not end up on the back burner. Zoticon’s Special Purpose Vehicle business model assures that your product gets the attention it deserves. Unlike larger pharmaceutical companies, each Zoticon portfolio company is predicated entirely on the continued clinical development of the in-licensed compound. This structure avoids the unfortunate "shifting of priorities" that occurs all too often at larger pharmaceutical companies. To Zoticon portfolio companies, your product is their only priority. SPEED We make decisions faster. Zoticon is committed to making careful but timely decisions faster than other financial or strategic partners. While we are very selective in our investments, the entire process can be done quickly as a result of our highly focused business model, management expertise, industry knowledge and access to funds. You are always dealing with the decision makers as the diligence is completed and transaction memorialized. We work closely with the prospective licensor to make sure we make our investment decisions in time to meet Company's deadlines. CLINICAL TRIAL EXPERTISE Your product will reach the market faster. Zoticon management has extensive experience in clinical trial design and execution. It is in a unique position to assist its portfolio companies obtain approval faster and more efficiently.

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