About 30letras

We provide communication services. And what is communication about? Tell things, share ideas, explain projects, make your vision to be known... Our goal is to make you and your business visible to people through media, blogs and social networks, to achieve positive opinions and to ensure that your clients perceive exactly the message you want to transmit. What we do is analyze your communication key points: what you have, where you want to be and, then, which is the path to follow between that two points. According to that, setting the tools would be the next step: PR services, press releases, presentations, speeches, social media management, audience reports, get in touch with traditional media, bloggers, forums or developing communication strategies Do you need communication services? Yes, if you want your project to be different, to be unique. Yes, if you want your business to shine out from those other competitors that are making the same that you do. Out there there are hundreds doing something like what you do, but no one does it the way you do it. Your project is cool, and we want to spread the word.