Aazim Sharp


Are you frustrated with your bad credit? Tired of paying large deposits on auto loans, cell phones and utility bills? We can help you get ba

About Aazim Sharp

Credit repair companies with a one-size-fits-all type of service (often referred to as “credit mills” because of how they do things – carelessly and quantity-driven, not quality-driven). You’ve probably seen them on television or on those annoying online popup ads. They’re usually wearing bad suits with bad haircuts and they typically carry the name of a law firm. We get straight to it – We dispute all negative inaccurate , outdated unverifiable negative items damaging your credit score. 76% of negative accounts we dispute are removed in less than 6 months. We help you boost your credit score to make you attractive to creditors, whose business is to loan money to people with established credit. We give you access to lots of resources to open new credit accounts a no matter what the current condition of your credit is. To know more about our development, please visit our website: http://www.leafcreditrepair.com/