Ana Jiménez Castellanos




About Ana Jiménez Castellanos

Motivated computer engineer with a MSc focused on Artificial Intelligence research. Passionate about data analysis and problem-solving. During the last years: - I have mainly worked in biomedical research activities, participating in several research projects funded by the European Commission and Spanish institutions. I have participated in several international conferences, and have numerous publications in journals, books and conferences. - I have worked in a early-stage start-up as Head of Product and Data Scientist on the analysis of social networks for lead generation. I feel comfortable working in management and team coordination. - I have actively participated in a Cooperation Group, teaching at some African Universities. I have worked in the project “Jovenes Inventores” implementing robotics and programming activities in primary and secondary schools in Madrid. I am currently working on Bitext Innovations as Product Engineer coordinating the development team and creating new applications aimed at providing new language technology resources through Internet. I am always looking for new challenges. I am deeply interested in the study of computational social networks, collaborative platforms and complex systems, and how new types of data and analysis can be used to improve some processes.