Alexander Simonov


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About Alexander Simonov

My 14-year experience in IT industry was full of achievements, discoveries and knowledge, successful and ambitious projects, talented people, inspiration and complex tasks. For so many years I never questioned my professional choice: development of cutting-edge technologies is my abiding passion, all-consuming hobby and labor of love. My profound knowledge, leadership skills and ample tech experience helped me create a dream team and establish an independant company Amoniac OÜ to provide digital services to my clients on a new - even more professional - level. As a CEO I face new challenges and perform multiple important duties: setting strategy and vision, keeping resource balance, building corporate culture, making wise decisions, analyzing the company’s performance and implementation of the overall strategy, evaluating the success of our team-work. Now being a Leader, Decision Maker and Top-manager, I continue to improve my technical skills as a Developer to provide the best quality and up-to-date solutions for my clients and partners.