Alexandra Cortes


5 personal aspects i have innate, but i constantly work on them: Flexible, honest, trustworthy, respectful and optimistic.

About Alexandra Cortes

I have the ability to build strong relationships with both, clients and colleagues. And i believe that listening in a proactive way is one of my strengths. Sometimes we are to much focused in trying to spread our ideas and we forget that we need to keep exclusive attention to the person in front. I am currently involved in Stop Murphy! Stop Murphy rises from a real need and problem. An industrial work accident. Stop Murphy focuses in adapting the training to the new technologies, providing two important aspects regarding the occupational risk prevention training. It offers a personalized 3D simulation that helps to integrate multimedia content that can easily be identified by the worker. The training experience is enhanced and workers are motivated in the occupational and risk prevention training. All the training is documented, keeping track of every content that has been visualized by the workers, providing control and helping to constantly improve training.