Andres Pineda


Entrepreneur, Inventor, Management Consultant

About Andres Pineda

Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Problem Solver. I have extensive management consulting experience and have demonstrated innovation in the fields of: Remote Monitoring and Control, Demand/Response, Custom Sensor Design, Intelligent Controllers, Intelligent LED Lighting, Motion Sensing, Custom RFID readers and wearable sensors. The many technical teams that I have led appreciate that I have a deep knowledge of a variety of technologies and therefore can relate to their problems and frustrations. I love to be a mentor and to help teams achieve break-through solutions to difficult problems. My background includes industry-specific knowledge in several high-tech industries. Some Highlights: I led the design and development of an Energy Management System for Small to Medium Commercial / Industrial accounts. The system consists of hardware / software to enable bi-directional communication from a central management site to individual devices at distributed sites. Electrical usage is constantly being logged and the remote server can send commands to curtail load for Demand Response events. For a major Electric and Gas Utility, led a team that integrated DocuSign and PayPal into their online Solar interconnection application to reduce application processing from 20 days to 1 day. As a Management Consultant for a global computer equipment manufacturer, developed a technology strategy that required interviewing over 250 executives in several European and Asian countries, including Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and Mexico. I hold issued patents in product design and low power distribution and have several new patents pending.