Andres Varela da Costa


i am a disruptive Father. Do disruptive Biz development. Believe entrepreneurship is contagious and must be inoculated! TravelTech focused

About Andres Varela da Costa

My name is Andrés Varela da Costa, a real Iberian (half Spanish/half Portuguese) developing business for different companies. Almost 20 years of experience in the Digital field helping big brands and start-ups to grow their sales and transforming their business models. Mix of consultancy background (former McKinsey’s change management business area: Institute of Management Resources, now Proudfoot consulting) with strong Digital Marketing knowledge and Commercial acumen. As a Sales person i have developed business from the scratch in Portuguese, Spanish and Latam markets for top-notch performance based marketing services companies and agencies like Tradedoubler (profitable operation after 6 months) and Genetsis partners for different brands (Coke, L’Oreal, Danone, American Express, Air France, Fnac, Ford, itunes/Mac, Dell, Sonae, Vodafone…) in various verticals FMCG, Finance, Fashion, Retail, Consumer electronics, Travel… as a manager i know the Corporate world in first person from Entertainment and travel companies like AMC Entertainment. My first internet start-up experience was with despegar.com in 2001. As an entrepreneur i’ve tried to set-up a new performance marketing full services agency, paid on success, integrating contact centres and DataBases nurtured with Big Data processing. I've been helping to internationalise a successful e-commerce Spanish start-up (Ticketea.com) and to step into the Iberian markets the payment enablement mobile application from POWA Technologies: POWATAG, which is a one-click shopping everywhere/anytime & Seamless/Seqr mobile payments. I have participated as a writer and researcher in some occasions and received awards for the company services i've been involved with. During the last years i've had the opportunity to mentor start-up projects within different organisations and incubators like the Valley Digital University, Telefónica Open Future, Founders Institute or the IE Startup Lab. I am very interested on education as a source of inspiration, space to exchange and share knowledge and incubation of new disruptive projects. Nowadays i am focused on shaping the future of new in-destination Travel industry with Servantrip. A SaaS Traveltech company that is leading B2B Consolidation offer for Transfers and Tours & Activities.