ann katherine Cuadra



About ann katherine Cuadra

I am seeking capital and investors to establish "The State Stud of Catalonia" I have bred a beautiful herd of purebred arabian horses for this purpose, for a traditional stud and riding school, that evolves into The State Stud of Catalonia. I also want to create Organic Food Farms to help subsidize the stud. please look for my ad in the international herald tribune now the international new york times under, capital wanted, this friday and next mondays editions. my family has an ancient history in catalonia, and i just want to return to my familys land and establish a state stud there, i even still have my grandfathers caixa bankbook. I am presently stuck in mendocino county in northern california and im miserable here and so very homesick for my familys homeland, me and all of my arabian horses want to return there to establish The State Stud of Catalonia. Ann Katherine Cuadra