Antonio Fumero


Ingeniero, Humanista, ... Vividor



About Antonio Fumero

Ph. D., Telecommunications Engineer, and MBA from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). I'm specialized in Technology Management and Innovation. I've been recognized as speaker and training facilitator in Social Computing, Innovation, and Web Technologies. I currently work as a freelance consultant, focusing my activity in the innovation and business development areas. I have more than six years of experience assessing, and advising a variety of spinoffs and startups within the IT&T industry. I have accounted for more than three years of experience as a scouter for some Telco industry initiatives for promoting open innovation; and more than two years of experience as IT&T principal for an international headhunting firm based in Madrid; while, at the same time I've been running my own company. I have developed a consolidated career as a researcher at UPM for the last ten years. I've been mainly focused in socio-technical research areas: systems engineering, and educational technology. I've been recognized as a pioneer in the dissemination of social computing in Spain, being the author of different articles and books, the responsible for organizing numerous events, and the promotion a variety of initiatives for the University, and the Corporate Market. I've been performing as a conference speaker within social computing and innovation fields. I'm very proud of having managed to combine my professional activities with some initiatives focused on the third sector. I've been involved in Cibervoluntarios, that has been promoting the proactive usage of Internet technologies among citizenship in Spain for more than ten years; and at the same time I've been an active collaborator in PeriodismoCiudadano.com, that has been a reference of the citizen journalism phenomenon for the Spanish-speaking people worldwide, for more than five years. Specialties: Web Technology, Social Computing, Business Development, Project Management, Teaching, Innovation, Talent Management