Brandon Rabb


Inspired entrepreneur with an affinity for sport, fitness, traveling, music, and learning.

About Brandon Rabb

After years of competing in elite-level athletics, Brandon made the transition from being the athlete, to working directly with them. With years of first hand experience and applied education in all things from nutrition and health, to athletics and fitness, he has an unparalleled understanding and insight into the health, wellness, and physical needs of any and everyone looking to improve their health. Prior to transitioning out of athletics, Brandon's fascination in fitness was sparked by his involvement in a plethora of sports including; Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, Trampoline, Diving, Basketball, Football, and Track and Field. After winning multiple Power Tumbling and Trampoline National Championships, he began to pursue diving. As a member of the Olympic Training program in diving, he began working with nutritionists and trainers that catered to his training and competitive needs. While competing as an elite level diver, he also actively competed in track and field at the National High School level before forgoing his future in Diving to accept a Division 1 track scholarship. Following NCAA track he began furthering his athletic career and fitness/nutrition education while training with the Italian National Track team in Rieti, Italy under coach Rene Felton. Spending the last 8 years in Los Angeles, New York, and London has provided an invaluable amount of experience in marketing, management, and development in the professional world. Working in both the corporate and entertainment industries has allowed for an unparalleled amount of first-hand experience in the marketing and management of product and company development.