Techcode Berlin


Startups will find huge surprises and challenges ahead. This is why we founded Techcode: Co-working. Accelerators. Incubators. Investment.

About Techcode Berlin

Looking for an affordable office space in a perfect and presentable location for your startup? Then TechCode Berlin is the ideal fit for you. As one of China's most famous Tech Investors with accelerator programs all across Asia we opened up foreign offices in Seoul, Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley and Berlin. In these locations we get ready to create Hubs, where you can discuss and exchange your ideas with other startups and entrepreneurs. In case you’re about to enter the Chinese market and given that you fulfill our investment criteria we’d be happy to provide you not only with network but also with money. WANNA TAKE A LOOK? We invite you to a guided tour around our office (just give us a short intro, who you are and what you do to info@techcode-germany.com).