Carlo I. Rodriguez Penney


Indie video game developer working my hardest to get our company flourishing along with the rest of the local industry here.



About Carlo I. Rodriguez Penney

First of all, gotta say I wish I had started tinkering in programming and design since I was younger; didn't start until I was in my later years of high school. What inspired me to work on video games asides from my obvious passion to play them, was Warcraft III. It had a custom games feature where people could make their own small games based on stuff they loved, such as Anime, cartoons, history, books, whatever, and that really sparked an interest in me; however, I was never able to get a full game actually going, despite my various attempts. I also took a couple of game development workshops at DigiPen while I was in High School, but didn't try doing my own stuff with that acquired. After some hiatus from game development, although it remained there in the back of my mind, I finally met Gabriel Casillas, Roberto Feliú, and Daniel Sierra. Soon afterwards, we'd start working on prototypes of games and for 5 years we've worked together. Encountering delays, obstacles, bugs, failed games, achievements, networking, opportunities; we slowly kept carving the path to a legit company, which we now are, Batú Games.