Carlos Fernández


Teacher and Entrepreneur at www.petandnet.com. Animal lover interested on sharing economy, entrepreneurship and education

About Carlos Fernández

I started my education as a teacher of Physical Education, youth activity monitor, toy librarian, which has given me extensive experience in the education sector. I decided to continue with several studies in Entrepreneurship, online marketing, SEO positioning, Lean StartUp,... In 2013 I started our project Pet&Net because I am passionate about pets and entrepreneurship. I know this is just the beginning, because my training in this sector makes me see entrepreneurship as a way of life. I'm interested in social projects and related with sharing economy, it is the economy that I see a bright future at the same time dignified. Nowadays there are more and more sharing economy projects, and society tends to use them. Over the years I have worked in many diverse jobs that have allowed me to know that there are many ways to make a living and that life there is only one, so we have to decide what we want to do on it.