Ceinwen Atkinson


A keen traveller who wants to get the best experiences from life


About Ceinwen Atkinson

After studying at Edinburgh university I travelled for many years around the world looking for new experiences eventually settling in Spain where I decided to set up this website providing information to other travellers on how to get the most out of their trips and enjoy as many experiences as possible. We wanted to start a website where people could find out about the best places to visit, great experiences and share their experiences with others. We also wanted travellers to be able to get in touch with companies so they too could fulfil their travel dreams. Today it isn't enough to just go on holiday, people around the world are looking for the next thrill, the next unique location and Bucketlistmap allows people to find them and live these experiences. Which is where our catchphrase comes from, 'Don't just travel...experience!' Let's face it who hasn't thought about what would be on their bucket list? Our motivation lies in our passion for travel and thrillseeking. We have now worked for over a year with our database increasing rapidly and new members entering every day.