Christian Hansson


Engineer (hardware and software) and C-level executive with 30+ years of industry experience


About Christian Hansson

I have been in the software development business for 30 years, starting off as an electrical and software engineer and growing into architect and manager roles, and finally ending up as a Principal engineer. In the managerial roles I have had, I have always been very hands-on, primarily on the architecture level and creating proof-of-concept code, however when needed I have never hesitated to jump in and help my engineers with production code as well. When it comes to technologies, I am completely agnostic. I am as familiar and comfortable with the Microsoft stack as I am with a Linux stack, with Azure as AWS, SQLServer as MySQL To me the different technologies out there are just tools, and you choose the right tool for the job at hand. When it comes to programming languages I am fluent in C/C++, Java , C#, Objective-C and Swift, and familiar with most every language out there. I excel at creating and building technical teams, making sure my engineers constantly produce excellent products that they can feel proud of, while continuously learning and growing their technical skills and progressing in their careers.