Christophe Boucher


Head of BizDev guiding startups and SMEs throughout product development and crowdfunding


About Christophe Boucher

If you're facing issues at any stage of your product development, including design, engineering, certifications, crowdfunding campaign, tooling, mass production, let me help you. What can I do for you: > Give you advices for any step > Use our services to bring your project to life > Plan, launch and run your crowdfunding campaign About Me The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting markets in all product categories, bringing product development in high demand as many people create new products and companies add connectivity to their current products. To be part of such industry is thriving and to help bring all these projects from idea to market is just priceless! My former background is tropical biology, though it did not stop me switching for trading electronics while having my own company/webshop in China, and then working as a business development manager for a 3D printer manufacturer. It is never too late to switch to something completely different and all the skills you learned prior to this new experience can be reused and adapted. Native French, I have been traveling and living in many different countries such as Australia, Taiwan, China, etc just to cite a few. Learning different cultures is priceless and helped me develop a certain level of understanding and develop new skills such as for instance being fluent in English language, fair level in Chinese, and currently learning Japanese. Now working and living in China as Head of Marketing and Business Development for NOA Labs, German owned company doing product development, I usually work with clients such as: > Makerspaces / Incubators / Accelerators (Partnerships) > Startups / SME / Enterprises would want to develop their own products and/or looking for mass production of their new/existing products > Entrepreneurs / Inventors willing to bring their ideas to market Social Media Marketing | Business Development | E-commerce | Negotiations | CRM | Partnerships | Crowdfunding | Market Research | SEO