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„The time is coming when each company will use their own messaging system“

About Company-Messenger APPbyYOU

WHY A COMPANY MESSENGER? Today many employees and companies are already using public messenger systems like WhatsApp®, Facebook® Messenger, Snapchat®, WeChat® etc. to send business information. Messaging is already seen as a new technology, in addition to the usual communication routes used like e-mail and telefon. The communication is faster (Realtime), easier, attention-grabbing and convincing in its design. An e-mail arrives in the mailbox of the recipient amongst a multitude of other messages. A chat dialog has the advantage that the entire dialog of the subject is available for view, where with an e-mail, several interactions in the form of individual e-mails would have to be used. The entire communication used in messenging with the chat dialog is clearly structured and readily available. Today, the use of Whatsapp® or WeChat® is used all over in the private sector. Contents of private data are seen as not critical, while the sending of sensitive company data with messaging can pose a high risk for the company. Risk 1: Plattform operators earn money with their customers data 
The terms of use must be accepted with the creation of a user profile. This usually means in the most cases the giving up of numerous data rights. (e.g. pic content) and the data collection of usage patterns in KI-programs. Most business models are based on commercial profit gains, which means, that the data collection of usage patterns are used for target group marketing. Risk 2: Data security
From a legal point of view, there is in most cases a legal obligation to retain data of all business conversations. In order to guarantee this, the saving of pdf-documents, text, and images are accomplished with messaging. Combined with a cloud (e.g. Dropbox® ) , all business documents are uploaded to available cloud storage archives, which are mostly run by companies abroad, and are saved and sent back per messaging. The documents are no longer to be found in the secure area of the company, Our Solution - The Company Messenger With the Company-Messenger your employees and business partners can communicat e with each other in your very own private closed community. You retain all data rights of data which is used and transferred. The messenger is installed on an „inhouse“ communications server or installed at a high security data centre, where your data is optimally protected! Your data is safe! You are the „master of your data“ and build up your own Eco-System that is simple, flexible and even works across different offices or sites between your employees. Every employee has access to the centralized data storage (private cloud) and contains a managed defined area for the Employee-App. Individually Customizable 
Standard is a thing of the past! With the help of the AppEditor you can individually customize to your cooperative design of your company. The AppEditor can be used with no programming experience.