Daniel Martin


Tech and entrepreneur, currently I am CTO .


About Daniel Martin

I am a Full-Stack Developer fascinated by the New Technologies and its development. I started my professional career working as a J2EE Web Developer but in 2011 I realized that mobility and microservices will be the mains technology . Without hesitating, I changed the path of my career and I started to learn Android/iOS/Nodejs programming and it was a success because nowadays I have a job I can enjoy every day. In 2012 I found my startup Domothings focused in IOT and we create the product Skopery. We also provide customizable in-store experiences for your clients by integrating data analysis to smart devices. Get reports, evaluations, and predictions to make your business more effective. In addition to Software Development, I have other hobbies and interests like music, cinema, traveling and get in touch with other cultures. Today my main aim is finding new challenges, improving my professional career and having new personal experiences.