Desmond Khoo




About Desmond Khoo

Desmond Khoo was graduated in UTAR as Bachelor Degree Holder of Electronic & Communication Engineering with 3.2 CGPA obtained. He had 2 years of experience as Financial Advisor in Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad. During the 2 years of sales, he met a lot of company director and understands that actually the market requires a more efficient and effective way to expose and sell their products & services. For all the time, market is having hard time to reach to the right consumers. That’s the reason why the innovation of our social shopping concept to cooperate with all the businesses in creating a more advanced online marketplace. Besides that, he is also very good at financing and organizing, He always plans forward to avoid any misconduct, before he would execute the whole next step of the plan. He has a very deep passion in changing how the business is working in this world and how everyone is socializing to each other. What the market taught him is, “Learning is the most important steps throughout our live. Continue learning and continue to improve is vital of survival”.