Diego Gopen


Working in internet since 1998. IST researcher. Founder of uQR.me (+80,000 users) and Followizator.com (in beta)

About Diego Gopen

Diego is founder at uQR.me and partner at MobileLeaves CORP. Since 1998, Diego has worked as Interaction Designer gaining strong background in overall creative, digital marketing strategies and product management. He also enjoys presenting interactive design IST workshops at Politecnico di Milano University and works as external consultant for research projects in that institution. Between his collaborations you will find brands like: Coca-Cola, Mtv, Telecom, Volkswagen, Heineken, Nestlé, Mondadori, SPAR, Amplifon, Como Lake Museums, etc. * Invited to "Campus Party" -Mexico edition- (www.campus-party.org) to present a workshop about Augmented Reality. Specialties: • Trends researcher and developer of new digital products. • Decisive leader with great social and organizational skills. • Experienced in ARvertising, rich internet applications, domotics interaction, art direction, interactive comm, entertainment prod., SEO, brand and retail design. • Vast knowledge in digital strategic marketing and social media advisor. • Former developer of AS, HTML, CSS, JS. • Bilingual in Spanish, English and Italian.