Dr Ronald Wolk


Dr. Ronald Wolk is an Orthodontic Specialist based in Calgary, AB and Abbotsford, BC. Canada. Ronald Wolk loves volunteering. Dr. Ron


About Dr Ronald Wolk

I fell in love with dentistry and Orthodontics ever since I was treated as a young boy by Past President of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Morley Bernstein. I graduated as a dentist in 1974, but that was not enough for my ambition. I was motivated to seek graduate studies and Orthodontics was the field that interested and challenged me the most. In 1977 I graduated with a Diploma in Orthodontics and a Masters of Science in Anatomy. Me and my friend Dr. Hoffman joined forces and started our practice in Calgary, Alberta in a time when a city of 450,000 population had less than 7 Orthodontists. The booming of the oil and gas economy was influencing Calgary and the entire Canadian west. Our Orthodontic practice has been so successful until we decided to sell to Dr. Halpern in 2018 because my partner wished to retire. My practice years were full of wonderful colleagues and terrific friendships. Serving the profession has been my way of paying back for all the opportunities offered to me by so many phenomenal people in the orthodontic profession and industry. I am so grateful! ​ I love dogs, fine dining, music, and volunteering.