kiran Revikumar


Managing Director at eGlobe IT Solutions

About kiran Revikumar

Kiran Revikumar, Managing director at eGlobe IT Solutions is having an experience of over 12 years in IT industry. He did his graduation in IT engineering and also completed his post-graduation (M.I.B) in international business from University of Wollongong, Australia. During his tenure, he was actively involved in all sectors of business including Marketing, Project management along with Office / Resource management and liaising with Recruitment firms for Recruiting Resources. Kiran began his career as a Business Analyst and Project Manager and is having an extensive background in B2B ecommerce. He is an astute professional with experiences in a wide range of domains like e-Commerce Solutions, Financial Services, Education, Legal, Retail, Branding and Media/Entertainment, Online Booking Solutions, Hospital Management & Real-estate solutions. He is an expert in Project Scheduling, technical & business documentation, pre-sales and resolving complex Business issues. He is highly resourceful and detail-oriented in managing projects, encompassing planning, design, scope definition, estimation, resource administration, client interaction for understanding change requests and project delivery. He is an effective communicator with strong leadership, relationship management with clients, coordination with partner firms to ensure the smooth running of a project. He is highly experience in working under cross-cultural and multi-lingual environments. He is having great experience in handling several cross-domain projects including those like Finance, Ecommerce, Education, etc. Believes , Promotes and Practices “Out of box thinking” always very keen to take up a challenging position which no one has been able to crack. He is very hard working aggressive, energetic and dedicated with excellent inter personal skills and possesses vast Industry knowledge.