Eric Andrew



About Eric Andrew

I love real estate, and technology is my passion. I’m proud to be the Founder and President of OffrBox.com, an online residential investment (SFRs, Portfolios, REOs) marketplace that streamlines and automates the real estate transaction process from search to close. OffrBox is a culmination of my passion for real estate, 16+ years of investment experience, and a track record in technology and product development. My love for real estate started when I was in college and used a student loan refund and credit cards to purchase of my first residential investment property. By the time I was 25, I had stabilized and sold my first two single-family rental portfolios. My love of tech started 5 years ago when I joined Auction.com. During my time there, I launched and managed business units that annually accounted for 20% of all residential and commercial sales.