Antonio Gómez / Fran Cózar


Internet WIKILAN is a young company placed in Cadiz, wich is ready to take advantage of the opportunities in this flourishing market.


About Antonio Gómez / Fran Cózar

My name is Fran Cózar and the name of my partner is Antonio Gómez. We are from Arcos de la Frontera, a town in the highlands of Cádiz. I have studied Fine Arts in Seville, and Antonio have studied Informatic. We, together have created a company with the name WIKILAN, wich is a national telecomunication operator. For one and a half year, we have been learning how to manage the business and how this market works. Nowadays, the group have grown to a larger team, with members who take place in differents parts of the company. But we today, we need a bridge between our capacities and the oportunities in the market. And this bridge could be an investement.