Francisco Frechina


CTO at Runator & Ph.D. in Computer Science

About Francisco Frechina

I'm the CTO at Runator, the social network for runners, which allows you to share your running experiences, feelings, runs automatically and enjoy running in a social way, regardless what you use to track your runs. In Runator we use the following technologies: - PHP + Symfony - PHPUnit - Redis + ElasticSearch - Bootstrap - HTML5 - CSS3 - MongoDB - JavaScript - NodeJS + LoopBack - Angular - Android - iOs - Swift - Docker - Docker Compose - Swarm - Amazon AWS - Azure - Ubuntu As a CTO I: - Get "Tech" in order: Help answer fundamentals of technology blocks to be used, choice of certain platform/tech over other, helping team visualize product with the available resources and assets - Help build, manage, and validate a Tech Roadmap for our product. As validation of idea happen with acquisition of users and "customers", product may undergo transformation on required features set and Market needs. I make the roadmap to achieve those "vanity goals" for our company, and I try to successfully tweak an approach with changing needs. - Architecture Practices: Our environment changes very fast. I need to make sure that best practices are defined and followed by our team. I must be a garbage guy and clean the code time to time. Making reviews on Code Quality. - Methodology: With time, help build progressive learning culture and establish predictable model of envisioning, designing and developing our product. - Connecting Business Requirements with activity: Given that, I must be an executive Tech leader, I understand the business opportunities which Tech Product could create. - Should be able to empathize with my "audience" and bring Insights to build a pragmatic approach– which, translates into better cost-benefit analysis. - Product Innovation through Research and continuous improvement