Gad Baruch Hinkis


Professional fun raiser - Making music making easy

About Gad Baruch Hinkis

Composing electronic music, hip-hop, rapping and singing since 2000. Gad produced 15 albums with dozens of projects, and played over 300 shows worldwide. Living in Berlin since 2009, he is the front man and producer of Dirty Honkers, a ground breaking electro-swing band infamous for their explosive live shows, and custom made digital instruments, designed by Gad for electronic music improvisation. www.dirtyhonkers.com In 2013 Gad founded the art collective Polyjam, where he designs interactive music installations for events and festivals, such as TOA, Music Tech Fest and Jerusalem film festival. www.polyjam.de Today he is the CEO of Polyjamer, an extremely fun new way to make music with friends. www.polyjam.de/polyjamer