Gerardo Iula


Programmer since 1985.

About Gerardo Iula

My experience started with the Commodore 64, then Olivetti, IBM and other ‘ancient’ computers. Then I run a computer shop for 6 years with Amiga, Atari ST, PC clones, first Apple Macintosh. On all of those years I did programming for videogames (C64, Amiga assembly), then did some open source programs in C (I was on "Fish disks" CD collections). Since the 2000 I worked for the Prex company and I did many different roles. For them I created and managed the internal IT infrastructure (server, clients, and such) first on Windows PC with some Macs for Advertising, then we successfully migrated all the company hardware to Apple (still using a few virtualized Windows for Accounting stuff). On the programming side I did mainly web programming (fullstack) and I created some technologies for the company itself to be used on our medical educational courses (online, offline, inside hotel venues). Recently (about 2010) I started to work part-time for the current company, I felt the need to make some updates on my knowledges. I created a individual company that's ended on 2015. For Simiula a did 17 apps, in particular a 3D game called Quoridor (invented by my friend and was board game of the year 1996) and I wrote a my own 3D engine in Objective-C to learn both hardware and software. The most successfully app I did was ‘Smile on Kik’, wrote with approval of Kik Messenger team. An editor for emoticons targeted for their app. I had 600,000 downloads in 6 months. Then Kik interactive decided to change how to handle the ‘compatible’ apps and Apple also put a nail in the coffin, not allow anymore the inter-app communications. The project was dead. My last attempt it's about servers like those on Amazon AWS. Creating Virtual Machines, scale them, use Docker, multiple database and such Linux stuff. It is still a project ongoing…in short I wrote a my own search engine that rivals to Google. After 3 years Is quite complete and I have to market it and I need some funding to do a proper beta/market test.