Gianfranco Mochi Bicchiega


Doctor/entrepreneur with sound international Telemedicine experience. Founder of Telecare Europe, provider of unique telemonitoring model.



About Gianfranco Mochi Bicchiega

Medical Doctor (Milan 1980) and specialist in Pulmonary Diseases and Industrial Medicine (Milan 1986). I hold a Master Degree in Health Management (Madrid 1997). I worked as a medical doctor in Italy until 1993, then as a researcher in New Zealand (1993-95). Later, I splitted my activity between the clinic and entrepreneurship, first in Spain (1995-2005) and then in Italy, founding and directing two healthcare companies in Madrid and Milan. From 1999 to 2003 I worked in a reengineering project for two hospitals in Switzerland and developed, in cooperation with American institutions, an internationally award-winning Web-based Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). I wrote several scientific articles in international publications. On assignment from the Spanish National Health School, I co-authored the book "Opening and Management of Private Medical Centers", and held several seminars in Spain’s major cities on this topic. Since 2005, I work as a doctor/entrepreneur in the field of Industrial Medicine in Italy. Currently my Italian company provides healthcare services to hundreds of companies and more than 4,000 employees. Since 2013, I lead the Telecare Project Working Group: in collaboration with my workgroup and international technological partners, we developed an innovative model of telemedicine, to optimize the quality of life of home patients with chronic illnesses, and to generate a substantial reduction of the related healthcare costs. In recognition of his expertise in the field, the International Society for Telemedicine (ISfTeH) appointed me as coordinator of the International Work Group on Disease Management. My main traits are ethics, creativity and leadership, developed as a young sportsman when I won a fencing World Championship, and later in the professional field. I have Italian and Spanish citizenships. I speaks Italian, Spanish, English and French.