Gideon Kilanko


Tech enthusiast and entertainment entrepreneur.

About Gideon Kilanko

I studied Urban and Regional Planning at Obafemi Awolowo University. Presently the founder of Avena Games a Nigerian mobile games development company, I have passion for 3d modeling, design and animation. I possess over three year’s work experience both within Nigeria and abroad with skills developed in project management, entrepreneurship, 3d design, digital marketing, mobile applications development and promotion. My goal is to startup a business that would grow to become a globally acclaimed brand.I decided to be an entrepreneur in order to take action about my dream of building a globally successful brand. Being an entrepreneur gives me the chance to put my creativity to action and exercise my decision making ability on real time basis. Also, as an entrepreneur, I am able to follow up on ideas I believe in even when they are non-conventional. Lastly, due to the fact that out market is a global market, I am thrilled by the fact that Avena also represents Nigeria and Africa in the global mobile applications market and space.