Hoang Medivy


Management endocrine and metabolic disorders therapy


About Hoang Medivy

Dr. Chu Duc Hoang graduated Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Hanoi and Washington University at St. Louis and 2014. He has over 12 years of research and teaching in the field of Engineering biomedical at the Hanoi University of Technology as well as a number of units at home and abroad with more than 20 scientific articles, participate in a variety of topics and projects at all levels. The project started out by Dr. Hoang employed Medivy developed medical applications integrated hardware devices, software solutions and expert systems to provide management solutions diabetes treatment. Although newly established in 2014 but is now one of 10 Zinmed Startup most notably in the health sector of Southeast Asia in the field of health care and as a bridge between diabetics with leading physicians Vietnam Male. Dr. Huang is one of the top 14 scientists in Vietnam attended the "Support commercializing research results of scientists" by Vietnamese Academy UK organizations. He is currently working at the Technology Innovation Fund countries (NATIF), Ministry of Science & Technology.